On a half-day basis to be hired as a:
- Freelance mechanic
- Freelance (truck) driver

In the agricultural field of (agricultural contracting), commercial vehicles, APK inspector (APK = annual test for automobile safety), and agricultural engineering.
Also to be hired as a NIWO licensed freelance (truck) driver
Mobile air conditioning services. On-site repairing and servicing of A/C systems in commercial cars and agricultural machinery.

For the above mentioned services all required certificates and diplomas have been acquired:
Commercial vehicles diagnostic technician
APK 1 and APK2
Tailgate inspector
Tachography (digital tachograph)
STEK > 3 kg
Lift truck certificate
Delta Linqs safety instruction ("green booklet" or safety passport)
Incident management / working safely along roads
ATP certificate (perishables)
ADR certificate (general cargo)